Our goal is to create a world where women feel secure and safe during their pregnancies. No mother or child should suffer or die from preventable causes.

Bonzun’s mission is to empower pregnant women, providing them with the  knowledge and tools to improve their pregnancy health and encourage them to seek help when needed. We want to save lives.


Because we think we can. Eventually, most of the population will be online and have access to a smartphone. We want to reach out to, and be available for, each and every pregnant women in the world.


We want to eradicate preventable pregnancy and infant death, resulting from a lack of information.

Bonzun is the first complete e-health app for pregnant women worldwide. Our mission is to reduce maternal and infant mortality.

Every day, approximately 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. We want to change this statistic by using our smartphone app to give pregnant women access to pregnancy-specific research, information, symptoms checkers and test trackers, helping them to understand whether the changes to their bodies are normal or not.

Bonzun gives women access to information and research, empowering them to understand their symptoms, know when to seek help and helping to put their minds at rest. For women without access to healthcare, our app can be a life changer.