Bonzun is listed as one of 10 oustanding companies for women’s health by The Medical Futurist:

“Bonzun – The Virtual Midwife From Sweden
Bonnie Roupé developed pre-eclampsia when she was pregnant with her second child. She didn’t understand the symptoms but was eager to know more. Thus, after her pregnancy, she developed an app that would inform pregnant women of potential health problems they could experience.

Bonzun, founded in 2012, works as a virtual midwife, supplying users with information about how their baby is growing, and what the changes in their body mean. The app was downloaded over two million times in 79 countries so far. In the coming month, Bonnie and her team are working to bring the app to developing countries, for example, Ethiopia, Somalia or India through setting up a foundation. She told The Medical Futurist that having met the founder of several maternal hospitals in Somaliland, she found out that with the help of Bonzun, in one of the hospitals 59 women could have been saved out of the 79 that died that year. We truly hope that the efforts of Bonzun will pay off and the digital tool can save the lives of pregnant women around the globe.”

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