Googling your latest health concern can open up a world of anxiety. Having to head to the doctors every time you need something checking out can make you feel worse simply at the idea of it, let alone what you may catch simply sitting in the waiting room.

Now we all know that technology has shook up our lives in many ways from banking to communication but one area that’s seriously starting to surface on a disruptive level is healthcare. Healthy living has never been more on the agenda than now so it comes as no surprise that new health apps are popping up each day. This, according to Dr Eric Topol, author of The Patient Will See You Now, comes as no surprise given the increasing lack of time on both patient and doctor side alongside patients wishing to be more independent than ever when it comes to owning their health. Whilst we appreciate it’s quite a claim but apps are now claiming to save lives!

Healthcare is becoming the pot of gold for many tech companies. Whilst employers are investing more money than ever in their employees health via apps and other initiatives, which in return should save companies millions of pounds through reduced sickness days, an increase in performance and time out of the office to attend doctor’s appointments.

You only need to take a look at the ever-increasing suite of apps available in iTunes or if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on an Apple iWatch. There are so many options out there and how do you know which ones to trust and which ones to avoid? Whilst some may argue banking and business are pretty critical in terms of app reliability – it’s fair to say that if you don’t get the right health apps, this could have a critical impact on your life. So we have done some digging for you and these are our 5 favourite health apps for reliable healthy choices:

  • Bonzun: This is the award-winning pregnancy medical checker app launched in 2015. Using test trackers and symptom checks with their qualified medical team. This app is set to save expectant parents hours of research and concern alongside preventable pregnancy deaths through their quick to access information at the touch of a keypad.
  • Lifesum: A healthy habit creator. Combining technology and applied psychology with personal preferences to help people create healthy habits through the various offerings from this app. As a Google Fit partner it’s fair to say this reflects the phenomenal life-changing claims from this app.
  • Babylon: Get your very own private doctor 24/7 through this app. Now you cannot only speak to a doctor through this app but they can order prescriptions to collect from your local pharmacy on your lunch-break. Now that is how to save time and money at no cost to your health!
  • Head Space: Make meditation simple through the use of this app, claiming to find you some headspace. Even GP’s are starting to recommend this app on their free 10-day trial. This app is for mind training rather than your usual fitness trainer, thus claiming to help you get a healthier mindset.
  • Nike +: This app not only helps you to track your fitness progress, stay motivated and train better but can be used as a universal way to measure movement on all kinds of exercise. Think of it as a personal trainer for your fitness goals.

At this stage we must state that we’re not affiliated to any of the above apps mentioned. However, we may have obvious interests in the Bonzun app. More information on this is to come.