Bonnie Roupé, Founder and CEO of Bonzun, the company that creates tools designed to support women and their families during pregnancy, comments in WeAreTechWomen:
“Something we don’t always realise is  that pregnancy is something that affects every single person on this planet – many of us give birth, and all of us are born. However, despite the monumental leaps that have taken place in the world of medicine, the actual process of pregnancy has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. Mothers-to-be are still treated like children, not adults – the information shared with them is doled out in small portions, the dangers downplayed; the stereotypes of a joyous and glowing pregnant woman still prevail, putting unnecessary pressure on pregnant people to portray an image they might be far from feeling. Pregnancy tech aims to change all of this and give the power back to the mothers-to-be, arming them with the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure a calm, and most importantly, safe, pregnancy.”

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