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Bonzun is the obvious choice not only for individuals who are pregnant or trying
to get pregnant, but for all IVF clinics and maternal hospitals that want to provide
better solutions for their patients. So far Bonzun have helped over 2 million people
in 130 countries.

Our Story

Bonzun was designed to end millions of preventable deaths and disabilities with the power of shared knowledge and information. In 2014 we launched a software for pregnant women that works as their personal pregnancy coach with a symptom checker and digital check-ups. To date, we have helped over 2 million people across the world

Through 2019 we have been rolling out an additional software for IVF clinics, helping them support their patients, making the treatment more efficient and increasing the success rate. We want to make sure that women, and particularly mothers, will benefit from the digital evolution and have the power of knowledge and facts to support their decisions.

Bonzun’s new IVF system is the first complete system in the world that follows, support and guide the IVF patient through the whole process of creating a baby.

Bonzun IVF

World’s first complete IVF System

Bonzun’s new IVF system is the first complete system and service in the world that follows, support and guide the IVF patient through the whole process of conceiving a baby. The service is exclusive for our selected IVF clinics and their patients. Bonzun IVF is filled with all information and features needed for a successful IVF treatment. All content and features are strictly evidence-based and validated in collaboration with IVF physicians, researchers, psychologists and fertility experts.

  • Medication tracker with daily reminders

  • Unique and individualized IVF journey
  • Common discomforts during IVF
  • Emotional & psychological support
  • What to expect during IVF

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Bonzun IVF

Keep track of medications for a successful IVF

Bonzun Pregnancy

Finally, a pregnancy app you can trust

Take it easy! You and your family can now be better prepared. During pregnancy, both the mom and the baby experience changes every day. Knowing what these changes are can be tricky and sometimes even scary. Stop searching and no more guessing. Bonzun app helps you understand these changes in a smart way.

  • Pregnancy Progress Bar
  • Fun Facts in Different Weeks
  • My Body- Mother’s health information
  • My Baby- Baby’s growth information
  • Prompt Notifications
  • Easy Sharing

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Bonzun Pregnancy

Everyone should feel safe during pregnancy