Finally, a pregnancy app you can trust

About Bonzun

No woman or child should suffer or die from preventable causes during pregnancy.
Bonzun gives pregnant women the tools to to better understand their  pregnancy health, helping them feel safe and reassured.
No more guessing, Bonzun puts the  knowledge that you need in the palm of your hand.

Making Pregnancy Easier

Care for Mom and Baby Every Day

Take it easy! You and your family can now be better prepared. During pregnancy, both the mom and the baby experience changes every day. Knowing what these changes are can be tricky and sometimes even scary. Stop searching and no more guessing. Bonzun app helps you understand these changes in a smart way.

  • Pregnancy Progress Bar
  • Fun Facts in Different Weeks
  • My Body- Mother’s health information
  • My Baby- Baby’s growth information
  • Prompt Notifications
  • Easy Sharing

Live Stats Anywhere

Your tests are portrayed into an easy-to-understand-graph showing you if your blood values are normal or not. Learn what the tests mean and if there is a way for you to create a better health. The app will warn you of signs of major complications and you get information about common discomforts and how to get relief.

Features That Matter

Have a healthy baby with the help of the health tracker

Follow Your Baby’s Growth

Week-by-week, learn about your child’s development. Find out scientifically accurate facts about your baby’s growth.

Follow Your Baby’s Growth

Bonzun also tells what your baby is practicing in different week!

Warning Signs

Bonzun will flag warning signs for major health complications. Understand what has triggered these signs and get related information about common discomforts.

Warning Signs

Your changing health during pregnancy can make it an anxious time. Bonzun helps you feel better!

Track Your Tests

Inputting your regular test results in to the app, will transform them into easy-to-understand graphs. What’s ‘Normal’ or ‘not normal’ can be quickly identified.

Track Your Tests

Learning what your check-up tests mean can help with better health.

Health Issues

Monitoring your health through the app will help uncover early signs of any complications during pregnancy. It will also provide full access to everything the doctors know about your diagnosis.

Health Issues

No more endless searching for health conditions affecting pregnancy.

Symptom Checker

When pregnant, it’s difficult to know if discomfort is normal or a symptom of a more serious complication. Use the app to help you decide when it’s right to seek a help from a professional.

Symptom Checker (Coming Soon)

Check our app to understand why you may be experiencing symptoms.

Chat With A Professional

In pregnancy, getting peace of mind from a medical professionals’ opinion is essential.

Chat With A Professional (Coming Soon)

The Bonzun app gives you on-the-move access to a doctor, midwife or nurse via your smartphone (Note, not yet available in all regions).

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