Having a Baby Improve the Duration of the Relationship for Couples with Fertility Issues

Fertility issues can have a psychological and psychosocial impact on both partners, with women being considerably more affected. In fact, there is evidence that unsuccessful fertility treatment may lower quality of life, increase stress levels, anxiety and depression for the couple. Yet, there are other studies that report fertility problems [...]

Babies Can Understand Each Other’s Moods

Babies can easily read the emotions of other infants, research from Brigham Young University has found. Published by Professor Ross Flom in the academic journal, Infancy, the study explained that babies can identify each other’s feelings by five months old. This research follows another important study by Flom, exploring infants' ability to judge the moods of [...]

Fathers Advised To Quit Smoking 3 Months Before Conception

Ever wondered what your Dad gave you when you were conceived? If he smoked, your genes are likely damaged, and your odds for cancers and other diseases throughout your life could be increased. A new research report appearing online in the FASEB Journal, scientists show for the first time in [...]