Bonzun featured in Global Health and Pharma Magazine!

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Bonzun founder, Bonnie Roupé, has contributed to a piece for Global Health and Pharma Magazine on the MobileHealth sector.

In the article, she talks about Bonzun, and the solutions it can provide for pregnant women requiring reassurance.

Bonnie says: “Mobile health (mHealth) is an attractive solution that leverages the ubiquity of mobile devices to address the prevalent problem of access to healthcare and rising costs… According to the International Telecommunications Union, overall mobile penetration rates will have reached 96% globally by 2013, 128% in the developed world and 89% in the developing world. The growing rates of mobile adoption, coupled with the pressing challenge of finding alternative ways to reduce healthcare costs, provide a ripe opportunity to expand the mHealth market.”

Click here to read the full piece on GHP Magazine.