Bonzun addresses the global health issues of mothers and small children by spreading evidence-based information about pregnancy and infant care. The latest research collected from the whole world –edited and made available to parents, midwifes and doctors.  Our mission is to save lives of mothers and children under the age of five and contribute to good and informed parenting.

Bonzun is a commercial business with a sound business model with a mix of donors, sponsors and corporate partners.  We believe that this kind of social business ensures long term sustainability of the projects. 

Bonzun China


Bonzun’s first launch is an interactive platform providing information about pregnancy to pregnant women, doctors and midwives in China on one hand and an intelligent marketing channel for corporations in the health care sector on the other hand. The business model is unique, the users creates value every time they use the service. The content is also unique, the platform contains evidence based research, information that is not on the Internet today. Worldwide research is collected, translated to Chinese, edited by journalists (to make it understandable to the average person), verified by an international editorial team, and made public.

Our mission